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    "It's The Climate"

    Coupon Guide

    As we expand our online presence, we are now expanding our Revolutionary Savings Initiative in Grants Pass, Oregon! 

    Instead of printing a coupon booklet we have implemented a card that residents of Grants Pass can use at participating local merchants to save a little extra, receive a special gift, or simply just to show and know that they are supporting local! Get ready for an exciting addition to your shopping and dining experience – the “It’s the Climate Coupon Card,” brought to you by the Grants Pass Tribune. This innovative savings program provides consistent coupons and deals for the community.

    It's The Climate - Coupon Guide Card

    What's the Buzz About?

    The “It’s the Climate Coupon Card” is designed to enhance the shopping and dining experience in Grants Pass by offering exclusive discounts and deals to its residents and visitors that hold the card. Published online, this guide is packed with valuable coupons to help you save on various products and services across town. 

    Added Value for Residents

    As a bonus, “It’s the Climate Coupon Card” is a special card that Grants Pass residents can receive absolutely free of charge. This card unlocks even more savings at all participating client locations throughout the city.

    How Does the Discount Card Work?

    Let’s break it down. Imagine you own a restaurant in Grants Pass and want to offer special discounts to the cardholders. Once you sign up for the program, we’ll provide you with a distinctive window decal that proudly displays “It’s the Climate Coupon Card Accepted Here.” This decal serves as a visible indicator to cardholders that your establishment is part of the savings network.

    The “Discount Card” itself resembles a credit card and carries the magic – it grants the cardholder exclusive discounts at all recognized locations. So, as a restaurant owner, when a cardholder presents their “It’s the Climate Coupon Card,” they automatically enjoy the special discount you’ve chosen to offer.

    Community Collaboration for a Greener Future

    The “It’s the Climate Coupon Card” is more than just a savings initiative; it’s a community-driven effort to encourage local businesses to participate in creating a greener future. By providing enticing deals to cardholders, businesses not only attract more customers but also contribute to a sustainable and thriving Grants Pass.

    This initiative is a win-win for everyone involved – residents save on their favorite products and services, businesses gain increased foot traffic and exposure, and collectively, we contribute to a more resilient and connected community.

    So, keep an eye out for the upcoming editions of the “It’s the Climate Coupon Card” and make sure to grab your free “Card” to unlock a world of savings and support local businesses in Grants Pass. It’s time to embrace a greener and more affordable shopping experience for all!

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